Thursday, March 26, 2009

Krueger, William Kent (Boundary Waters)

My mom gave us this book and said it was "pretty good, I liked it." I'm always wary of a half-hearted recommendation because I'm so picky in terms of decent writing. Sure, it's a mystery and it'll follow a general structure, but it's the little things that make a mystery worthwhile and if it didn't have that, I'd feel betrayed somehow.

I suspect that what kept me going through this book was the setting. Both in terms of it being set in an Indian reservation and much of the book being a (slow) chase through the wilderness of northern Minnesota. That's different and intriguing. And he's not a bad writer. He knows how to add details about characters and their lives in the appropriate spots and not make it look forced. That's not easy.

Unfortunately, the ending is obvious, although there's not much he could have done about that. But the reason why the woman they are trying to find in the wilderness went there, and what she plans to do when she gets out, rings false for a whole host of reasons. None of which I can divulge, but see if you think that it doesn't seem to jive with what you've learned about Cork O'Connor's town and how the community lives.

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