Monday, May 18, 2009

Black, Benjamin (The Silver Swan)

[An Early Reviewer copy from LibraryThing. Thanks LT!]

This is the problem when you put your book reviewing off and all of a sudden you have three, almost four, books to review in a row. Let's see... I picked this book on LibraryThing Early Reviewers because it was a foreign-published book originally and I've had more luck with those lately. That said, it was not in the same league as the latest one I chose that way.

I'm sorta phasing out on murder mysteries, unless they're absolute classics or I adore the writing. Reason being, it's just not that hard to figure out whodunnit. I mean, the author usually has a limited cast of characters and one of those has to be the one who did the deed or else how would the story work?

Maybe I'm "eh" on this book because it's set in such a depressing place and time. Actually, speaking of time, I had the darndest time figuring out whether this was set in the present or sometime around WWII. Descriptions of clothing, transportation, pubs-- it was confusing, and I don't think it was just me being a dolt.

So, it's nothing awful, but it's just not particularly exciting. Certainly not what the reviewer on the cover is frothing about.

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