Monday, November 30, 2009

Grossman, Lev (Codex)

Quite the most frustrating tale. Entirely engrossing up until the last 30 pages and then big, huge, FAIL.

First, why create a protagonist who doesn't care about anything that's presented to him? Edward isn't a slacker, but he's not anyone you should bother yourself to care about. Books? Eh. Games? Eh. Weird girl who's been helping me? Yeah, okay, I'll sleep with her, but... Eh.

Second, you made us care about this book-that-doesn't-exist. When you do that, you can't just snatch it away from us in the most horrible manner whatsoever. Unless you're thinking of creating a sequel that would be more along the lines of a thriller than a mystery. (No, really, please don't.)

Third, recognize that creating an engaging narrative about a subject that interests you does not mean you have the slightest idea of how to structure such a tale. Take some introductory novel-writing classes. Get yourself involved with a writer's group. Being a book critic is not a qualification, so just... learn to write.

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