Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Turner, Megan Whalen (A Conspiracy of Kings)

Somehow this one seemed shorter than the rest. Like, bigger print and smaller pages. Hopefully, I'm just imagining it and I simply sucked it in all at once without noticing its length.

After all-Gen-all-the-time in the last 3 books, it was dispiriting to have him only for a short while in this one. Yes, he still gets all the good lines so he's worth it for however long Turner wants him there, but more Gen in the next one, darn it!

Did anyone else find it a little unrealistic that Sophos becomes kingly so quickly? Someone who hides and bemoans his fate for most of his life doesn't just magically become an excellent speaker, an efficient tactician and a skilled persuader. So that bolsters my argument that it WAS too short a book...

I think there are only 2 fables told, so at least she learned her lesson there. And, while I thought the final chapters were great fun, I also thought the plotting was rather obvious from the point at which the gift from Attolia/s is revealed through to the end.

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