Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eggers, Dave (Zeitoun)

I have very little to say about this book. It is great, and everyone should read it.

I'll be a little more descriptive: as much as you know about the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, there are some things you don't know. It won't be hard to stick with the book through the part of its story that you may be well aware of. Eggers is an excellent writer (and I dare say that he's most excellent when telling someone else's story rather than his own), and he handles sensitive subjects like this one very well. I guarantee that the last 1/3 will be appalling to anyone with a heart and soul, and Eggers does a superb job laying out the facts in depth before providing any commentary or opinions of his own. Since it's written in the 1st person, from both Abdulrahman and Kathy's POVs, the opinions technically are not Eggers' own. Although I believe he wouldn't have written this if he hadn't had similar opinions...

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