Monday, November 8, 2010

Gaiman, Neil (Anansi Boys)

Wow. Seriously, there aren't any more Lenny Henry audiobooks out there? That is the saddest thing I've ever heard.

If I picked up the book today every word would be spoken in my head in Henry's indelible Jamaican accent. He's got the high-tone Brit, lower-class Brit and super-annoying-cliche-ridden Brit down pat, but it's when he gives voice to the elder statespersons of the book that it really takes off. His Florida kaffee klatsch cum witch haven cannot be believed until you hear it done in that Jamaican accent, and flawlessly.

Definitely a fantasy offering, as it leans heavily on the spirit world, old myths, and inconceivable leaps of logic, it's the tale of two brothers split apart in childhood discovering they are two halves of a whole and that this changes what they really desire out of life. Oh, and their father is the embodiment of one of those old myths, just to keep things interesting. It's true, this is probably mostly for teens, but it's not without its adult themes. Plenty of death, sex and career-vs-job discussions to keep everyone alert.

The ending is a bit pat, and you can probably see it coming a mile off, so the journey is more fun than the result. But even for those who prefer endings with mystery and a lack of resolve, I will guarantee that listening to this will not disappoint. And it won't be making you dumber. Do you expect more from a fantasy tale?

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