Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oliver, Lauren (Delirium)

What a fascinating novel. I am conflicted in almost all my feelings about it, so I think a list is the best way to describe what I'm thinking.
  1. I loved the setting. It hearkens back all the way to Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" in its bleak portrayal of a society that very possibly meant well and then turned into the worst of totalitarian environments. Her description of the border fence and the regulators made my hair stand on end.
  2. I liked, but did not love, the pervasive and insistent discussion of love. Yes, it is absolutely hands-down the most important part of the novel. But the discussion of it gets bogged down in too many details, and that gets tiring. We all already know why love is important! I mean, perhaps teens do not, and that is of course the audience for this book. I can imagine a teen starting to roll his/her eyes as well, though.
  3. I did not like how long it took to get to the point. If you are not thoroughly aware of where this book is leading, i.e., its last page, by the time you are halfway through, then you need to read a lot more books and watch a lot more movies! The plot is obvious, and it's frustrating to wait for Lena to figure out how horrible her society really is, and that there is a better way.
  4. I am, of course, relieved that this is planned as a trilogy. The setting is intriguing enough that I want to see how Oliver plans to continue this tale.

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