Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scalzi, John (Zoe's Tale)

Ok, THAT'S why this book seemed so darn familiar. I get to the end and read the Acknowledgements. This book is essentially a remake of the end of the true trilogy, The Lost Colony, only told from Zoë's point of view, about what she did to help save the colony, how she met the werewolves, and what the Obin are really like.

And it's a load of romping fun because Scalzi got to write in his own voice, and by that I mean his blogger voice. Plus, I will admit to tearing up at the end when the Obin talk to her individually, one by one. But... really, Scalzi? This is not up to snuff.

For instance, name me one teenage girl who talks like Zoë does. In fact, I'm fairly sure that 98% of the people I work with are not as clever as Zoë is. As much as she talks about how nervous she is and that her stomach is roiling and she's completely unsure of the path she's taken, all these amazingly smart and sure and thought-out and prepossessing things come out of her mouth when in the presence of much more important or dangerous personages than herself. I'd call that facile, and not somewhat facile.

Plus I hated it when Scalzi killed off a certain important person in Zoë's life. It was completely unfair and uncool and mean. And I like it when stories take a weird or unseen twist. I will chalk this book up to not at all one of his best, and move on.

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