Friday, March 2, 2012

Berg, Carol (Transformation)

Compared to Berg's prior book that I just read, this one is about 1 million times better: more intriguing, better written, characters who matter, just everything works in this one. It makes me wonder about first novels sometimes. The author has so much more time to spend on a first novel than on any following ones-- does that often make a first novel more robust and fleshed out?

I adored this world. It's too bad I've been told that the next two in this series are really not as good as the first (yeah, well, see above paragraph). I can't decide whether I want to "ruin" the vision she gave me here. I think she's a fantastic writer, and I imagine that any misstep will already rise head over heels above the rest of the genre, but... I'll give it some time.

I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with our two main characters: Aleksander and Seyonne. They are beautifully described, as flawed as any of Berg's characters, and they almost never do the right thing in their quest to save the worlds they love. Oh, and those worlds? So flawed.

Berg is also not perfect in her plotting. There were a few, relatively minor, plot constructions that almost shouted that they were put there for the purpose of making the story work towards its end. I forgive her. Clearly the moral of all her stories is: nobody's perfect.

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