Sunday, April 1, 2012

Martin, George R. R. (A Feast for Crows)

It's not saying too little to review this extremely briefly. Because you end being fairly pissed off by the end of this book, which takes so damn long to get through, and then does next to nothing by the end. ALL because Martin couldn't contain himself and wrote a 1700-page book for his 4th in this series. Then just said "oops" and cut it into 2 parts: one containing all the characters we care extremely little about (except perhaps Sam and Brienne) which he proceeded to publish as Book 4, and the other part containing all the characters we really do care about (Tyrion! Daenerys!) which he published as Book 5. So, Book 4 is a frickin' slog. Some stuff happens, like enjoying the downfall of a certain queen, and watching the quite interesting turn of events for Arya. But we also get garbage like the unnamed chapters having to do with the seaweed princes and princesses (that's just what I call them). As if Martin couldn't remember their names! Ugh. On to the 5th, thank heavens, and good riddance.

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