Monday, February 4, 2013

Carey, Jacqueline (Saints Astray)

Bloody hell. I really only got how awful this was until halfway through, by which point I figured I might as well take it to its end. If only because it's a super quick read and to see the characters go back to Outpost again. Yea, sorry if I ruined that for you, but... nah. I'm not. Don't pick this up.

The first book is really pretty good- it has such an interesting premise and Carey takes it in weird directions. This follow-up is the result of Carey's agent saying "all that sexy lesbian stuff, the masses really love that and you didn't give them enough in the last one, so be sure you give it to them in EVERY FRICKIN' chapter this time, okay?" Seriously, I started counting the number of times she ended a chapter with them groping each other. So. Unbelievably. Dull. And. Boring. And not only because she can't write a sex scene to save her life.

Plus, if I hear the phrase "getting your smolder on" ever again, I might either throw up or throw something.

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