Monday, April 1, 2013

Russell, Karen (Swamplandia!)

I wish I could just write a 2-word review of this: "very conflicted." This review will be short regardless since there's very little I can say without giving anything away.

My conflict comes from what seems like two very brazen plot changes, one halfway through and one very near to the end. I kind of liked the idea of the first one - it changed the story significantly so that it wasn't only a story about this extremely strange family and how they were dealing with the heartbreaking loss of their mother. With this change, the story moved in an ethereally symbolic direction, and I thought of it as a breath of fresh air.

Not so much with the second plot change, and I'll tell you why. It's never ever addressed in the rest of the story! As if it never happened. I think Russell had no idea how to finish her book so took the most banal route possible and whitewashed everything else that had happened.

I loved how she described things, but maybe she should be a poet instead of a plotter.

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