Monday, July 1, 2013

Pratchett, Terry (A Hat Full of Sky)

The previous tale was a lot more fun. You know why? More wee free men. I guess if they're not in the title, they don't deserve top billing.

I like Tiffany Aching, I like the environment of witches, I like that I don't need to understand Discworld, I like how he creates fun environments and laugh-out-loud moments, but I really, really like the wee free men and I want more of them all along. I just re-read my review of the first book and all the same things apply. Tiffany is still deadly serious and inching towards formidable-ness every moment of the tale, the ending still takes too long to get to (although a bit more understandable in this part), and it's the wee free men themselves who cause the laugh-out-loud moments.

Consequently, my hoping for more of them and less of Tiffany for the next volume.

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