Friday, January 3, 2014

Grafton, Sue (W is for Wasted)

I remain impressed - Grafton is on a streak towards the end. (The fact that the woman is currently 73 worries me a bit about all of us getting to read the final 3 books. I will only breathe a sigh of relief when Y comes out. The assumption being that when Y comes out, Z will already be well drafted. Yes, I know too much about the publishing industry.)

I like what Grafton has been doing lately, which is to take a topic of interest, heft, and political significance and bring her opinion to it. In this case, it's homelessness. She doesn't do a perfect job of it - it's a little obvious what her intent is at times - but it's admirable and perfectly adequate.

What she also seems to be doing is tying loose ends together. No, you'll say, after reading the book, she most definitely is not doing that, but remember - there are 3 books left. I would say she's starting to do what needs to be done so we have perhaps 20% closure on Kinsey's life. Honestly, more than that would kinda freak me out. Kinsey's too much of a free spirit for me to want any more than that.

What I really wonder is if she'll fast-forward to present day for the final book. About 20% of me wants that.

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