Sunday, June 8, 2014

Butcher, Jim (Fool Moon)

Now that's more like it.

Apart from the troubles our dear Spike (James Marsters, not the character of the same name in the book, which gave me the giggles for its meta-ness) had with his breathing and gulping, the audio version of this 2nd book in the series is about 1000 times more fun than the 1st book in the series, which I read on "paper." It seems that Marsters, and his publisher - shouldn't they have been giving him tips?? - figured this out in later books as the audio segments are shorter. Poor man was trying to do 8-10 minute segments without a break! Superhuman strength, Spike.

The content itself was also more well-thought-out, rounded, better plotted, etc. I won't say better written. I still think Butcher rather stinks as a writer. For instance, if he mentions that "crime doesn't pay" in the next book, I will literally scream. But overall, these books are a really fun way to a) exercise b) work in the garden or c) do your physical therapy.

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