Monday, August 18, 2014

Lynch, Scott (The Lies of Locke Lamora)

Checking the Goodreads record for this book, I noticed that Pat Rothfuss had given it 5 stars. He further explained in his review that since his first book came out at the same time as Lynch's, folks were noticing the similarities between the two authors. There's no comparison. Other than the fact they can each write 500-page-plus fantasy novels.

Rothfuss can tell a better story - that is, a discrete story that may have little to do with the book in hand. He puts a huge amount of feeling into his stories, and it really shows. But he's not a great plotter. Lynch, on the other hand, plots extraordinarily well but may not have quite the talent for knocking our socks off with the story.

I really liked this plot - of a poor orphan boy who learns the meaning of friendship and honor while thieving merrily along the way - and I really like the stories he weaves throughout - how he learned everything he needed to from his mentor, how his friend Jean becomes the best fighter around, how he navigates stealing what he can from the Salvaras - so I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Enough that I'm definitely getting the next one to read, soon.

But Lynch needs to work on the background. Oh, the Camorrans live in a city in the south with many watery canals and all Latin-based names? And the Valerans (sp?) speak a harsh language and come from the north? World building is harder work than it may seem, obviously.

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