Thursday, September 18, 2014

Leckie, Ann (Ancillary Justice)

It's rare that I'll write a review directly after finishing a book. However, in this case, I know that rumination is not going to help me.

As all the other reviews say, it takes a long, long time to "get into" this book. This particular act of worldbuilding is more obtuse than most, in that it obscures the facts in order to get at the... well, the strangeness of it all. And I can't say much more because saying more will give away that discovery period that Leckie expects you endure (about 100 pages or so) to grasp how very odd her world is.

I understand that Leckie is making subtle references to the best and worst of humankind - how we make our political and social choices, how we interact with each other, what is humane and just. But every time I picked the book up I had to remember the entire structure of world yet again. I would read a sentence and say "I understand that sentence empirically" and then I'd read the next one and say "I understand that sentence empirically" immediately followed by "These two sentences make no sense together." It was exhausting.

On the other hand, the use of "she" instead of "he" globally didn't really bother me. Probably because I'm a she.

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