Monday, May 25, 2015

Lynch, Scott (The Republic of Thieves)

At first, I thought that Lynch had watched The Wire one too many times. The first book being about (essentially) gang warfare, the second about the sea (aka the docks), the third about politics. Will the next book be about schools? Well, I doubt it. I don't think Lynch would do anything this obvious.

He's writing his own story and building his own world. I heartily enjoy the mix of Shakespearean wordplay (and foppery) with language from our own times. (Case in point: read the bit where they escape from the ship again, and come on, I'm not giving anything away, you knew they'd escape from the ship or else how would the story continue.) I even more heartily enjoy the fact that he peels away mysteries as he goes (and not always one per book, sometime more, sometimes zero), but he leaves many mysteries in his wake. I can count at least 3 left standing (5, if you're more literal) by the end of this volume.

That just leaves me wanting more of his art. In contrast to Martin and Sanderson, both of whom can blather on for 200 extra pages (and one of whom is good at it), Lynch manages to keep his story exciting, interesting and surprising, all without extraneous blather. I am really looking forward to book 4 this fall.

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