Monday, May 11, 2015

Poehler, Amy (Yes Please)

Unfortunately, this book is a set of aphorisms. Don't forget to brush your teeth. Tell people you love them first. Enjoy your youth, because aging sucks. I don't even know if all those are in the book, but you get the point.

I don't read biographies to learn from a celebrity how to live. I read biographies to learn about how the celebrity lived. I wish Poehler had read some biographies before she started this one, specifically I wish she had read some biographies by comedians. She'd have learned that you still have to write something that resembles... a book. With themes and essay-like forms and beginnings and ends. Instead of a random pile of chapters not even all written by her.

It's not that it wasn't funny, because it certainly was in parts. But I vastly prefer - because Parks & Recreation is after all my favorite TV comedy of all time - her writing for television, and her acting. She should stick to the day job.

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