Sunday, August 2, 2015

Amos, Kim (And Then He Kissed Me)

You just couldn't pick a better beach read. Sun, sand, waves, and lots of hot sex. The last bit in the book, of course, not literally on the beach.

Which is why I enjoy reading Amos' romances. She adds as much humor (and gravitas, see below) into her romances as sex scenes. Case in point, you will learn what "literally" actually means by the end of the book. Every book should have one lesson, no?

I don't read romances on a regular basis, so I enjoy her world-building as much, if not more, than the lover's quarrels, make-ups, quarrels, make-ups, etcetera etcetera. I admit I missed the interior design aspect of the first book in the series, but this second book provided its own share of fun facts, mostly in the form of motorcycles.

I felt it did skimp a tiny bit on the Knots and Bolts get-togethers (but I can see why) and that it had a surprisingly dire denouement, but that won't keep me from reading the last book in the series. Firefighters? Accountants? Non-profit tutoring centers? Perhaps a slightly mousier protagonist? Count me in. I want to see where she can take all that.

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