Monday, November 9, 2015

French, Tana (Broken Harbor)

You all know I love French, so I won't bore you with more little love poems to this author, and keep this short and sweet.

Yes, it was typically wonderful in its in-depth character analysis, revealing the important aspects of the protagonist's personality and/or past at the most advantageous moments. However, I found it more procedural than her other ones, and consequently at least half the book is tied up in following police processes and rules, and that couldn't hold my attention. The basic mysteries - who is the actual killer? what the hell is with all the holes in the house? - kept me going forward to find out how French would tie them up.

As usual, she did not tie them up in a nice, neat bow, and the ending leaves you with the same feeling as the previous three - that sad sweet nostalgic feeling that our past is full of mistakes and that moving forward may be painful but there are good reasons to do so.

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