Friday, March 25, 2016

Kaling, Mindy (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?)

Oh y'all, Mindy Kaling. Now, I didn't read her first book, and that may make some of what I say seem obvious, but I'm in love with this book. Here is why:

1. She never apologizes for what she is or does. I enjoyed the memoirs by Poehler and Day to varying degrees but they constantly apologized for themselves. For not being there for their families, for their insecurities, for not understanding the zeitgeist well enough. Kaling couldn't be bothered. Her attitude is: here I am! like it? great! hate it? not listening.

2. She accurately uses the term "entitlement". You'll see.

3. She CORRECTLY describes why it's hard for her to lose weight. In other words, she explains that there are those of us who love to eat. Eating is a big thing for us. Passing delicious food by is completely wrong on all counts. Trying to lose weight is torture. So, if you eat right and exercise (I'm not completely convinced she has a handle on this) who the fart cares what you weigh or how you look? Give the folks who body shame you by looking you up and down the same evil eye back. It's all relative, baby. (Also, she talks about how hard this all is to do in this culture, but... onwards and forwards.)

4. She is so freakin' funny. Again, I've laughed out loud in other memoirs, but she's funnier than most. And that mini-TV-pilot about the schoolteacher in Manhattan. MORE, please.

My new outlook on life is to be more like Mindy Kaling. Onwards and forwards!

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