Sunday, October 23, 2016

Butcher, Jim (Grave Peril)

Butcher is back at it. Unfortunately, since it takes me so long to get through an audiobook, I find it a little difficult to remember the premise of where he started from. (There's a character at the end of this novel that I will never, in a thousand years, recall the origins of.)

We are treated to the same schtick, including Marsters intoning "this was the worst day of my life" several times and "I'd never been this bone weary" another half dozen times. I kid, but Butcher is prone to exaggeration, and although he's starting to tie things together better (now that he's on book 3), it's overly descriptive stuff. Perfect for audiobooks, really.

This book has less Murphy and more Susan. Less werewolf and more vampire (plus more ghosts). More Michael and less actual wizardry (weirdly). Less Bob, which is really too damn bad.

I have a lot of catching up to do to get to book 15, but never fear, I'll take it at the same excruciatingly slow pace, simply because I cannot do without Marsters doing the honors and I simply have little time for audiobooks.

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