Monday, July 24, 2017

Atkinson, Kate (When Will There Be Good News?)

Lesson learned: always write your reviews the minute you finish a book. Because I sorta remember this one, but it's mixed up with all the vacation travel and whatnot, and it's hard to remember what kind of feeling it left me with.

As with all Atkinson novels, you have to roll with the punches - or tangents - when you're reading. A sentence or two will shift the entire story, but then Atkinson will go off for pages and pages about something else - not entirely irrelevant, usually - and it's frustrating not to learn RIGHT THEN what that shift does to the characters and plot. Well, it's a good exercise in patience.

I did like that she muddled with Louise's and Jackson's lives a bunch more. Especially Jackson's at the end - wow! and ha! and also ack! - although I do get a bit tired of Atkinson not putting them together. Sheesh, they don't have to get married, just put 'em together already. It's not as if she's not going to find ways to mess them up when they ARE together.

Some specifics... I see that other folks have lots of questions about the relationship between Decker and Jackson (weren't they on the train together??), but my questions are all around Dr. Hunter and Reggie's brother. How did they ever learn of each other, if Reggie never talked about him?

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