Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Turner, Megan Whalen (Thick as Thieves)

Oh, Ms. Turner, you have let me down. I understand that you want to move away from your original intent with this series, but we so, so loved the Thief of Eddis. His is the story we want to continue to be told, not someone else's.

I understand that you're developing further "hero's journeys" here. That you're twining together the myths of the world you've built with those who embody them (and also? really, really channeling The Left Hand of Darkness while you're at it). That you want to expand because it's boring, tedious and frustrating to come up with a new story about the same character. But you left us all these clues as to the King of Attolia's current life at the end of this one, with zero details! Argh!

Since it took you 7 years to come out with this book, I will not hold my breath. I will continue to think that you're one of the better YA fantasy writers around (although this is barely YA - fully functional for all readers). I will hope, but I will put that hope into a small, dark place and not nurture it. In the meantime, I will read James S.A. Corey who spits theirs out at an absolutely furious pace!

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