Sunday, October 1, 2017

Greenwood, Kerry (Cocaine Blues)

I have to wonder how interesting of a read this would have been if I had never seen Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Especially since this first book sets up all (or most of) the characters you're familiar with from the TV show.

Now, the police detective is not as you might presume he would be from the get-go (or perhaps I'm forgetting the first episode myself). And her aunt is nowhere to be seen. But Phryne herself is even better in print - I mean, props to Essie Davis, and her ability to pull off both the fashion and the flair - but the book gives you more to sink your teeth into with regards to her character. It makes her unapologetically pleased she's rich, a little bit more unsure of how Australia will treat her, and far more sexy (although I suppose that could be argued as well).

These books are also quite short - more like long novellas than full-length mysteries - so, you can pack a few of 'em in at one sitting, if you'd like. Likely, they're the perfect beach read, although I'm not sure I want to wait 6 months to read the next one.

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