Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fey, Tina (Bossypants)

Don't doubt me, I love Tina and Amy equally. But I love them for different reasons. Tina - you're the awesomest writer, but your TV series are simply... odd. Amy - you're a pretty terrible writer, but your TV series are the BEST EVER CREATED.

Now that that is out of the way, more on this book. Of course, I loved it! Tina promoted her themes galore, showed folks how comedy is done, gave more than a smattering of background, didn't devote a whole chapter to Amy but incorporated her correctly, and was generally genial and assertive throughout. In other words, you get the full flavor of Tina in this book.

You also get quite a lot of play-by-play about the Sarah Palin portrayal. Perhaps a bit too much? I understand it's essentially what launched her to fame. (Although I don't think more people watched 30 Rock as a result. You have to be an Alec Baldwin fan to do that. How are there not more Alec Baldwin fans in the world?)

I have to say, though - I'm waiting for the day someone mashes up Tina, Amy, Felicia and Mindy's books into one, to showcase the full flavor of female comedians from this day and age.

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