Friday, December 29, 2017

Greenwood, Kerry (Flying Too High)

The next in the delightful Ms. Phryne Fisher series. I just looked and I see there are 20 of these novels! We'll see how far I get before they aren't delightful enough any longer.

It's funny how I can't recall particular TV episodes that mirror the book. This one entails airplanes - which I distinctly remember factoring into at least one episode - but also a long sequence of Phryne not driving her sporty car and instead riding surreptitiously on the back of one. You'd think I'd remember that part! The second part of the book revolves around a nasty husband, a misunderstood son, a bunch of kids (and a cat), and a female artist. Yup, I should remember that plot device, also.

Of course, the books and the episodes seem to be quite different. For one thing, Ms. Fisher's bohemian nature in the books is way more eyebrow-raising than in the TV series. And the regular characters are not what I expect them to be when I'm reading them (Bert and Cec in particular). But the wrap-ups are very much the same - very genteel, always including creature comforts, and with the bad guys always getting their comeuppance and our faithful companions getting their rewards.

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