Thursday, July 5, 2018

Novik, Naomi (Black Powder War)

Oh, the endless highfalutin language and the endless diplomatic posturing. I put the next book on my list, but it'll be a while until I move it into my "holds" area. The language is just... tiring.

Not that I don't enjoy the plotting. I always want to see Novik reshaping history - with dragons and, while she's at it, with a new outlook on Napoleon's campaign. Also, this one was a road trip, replete with new road buddies, so it was more engaging as it wended its way from East to West, giving us new landscapes and cultures and whatnot.

But the language means you have to pay close attention to everything being said because this is old-timey England, and so they can't ever put things bluntly or clearly. It's so much about how you say it, not necessarily what you're saying. And you have to put up with strange colloquialisms, such as when Laurence talks to Temeraire as if he's a beloved child. (I find this off-putting, and I'm guessing I'm expected to since that's one huge dragon talking to one puny human.)

Regardless, as I said, I like the plotting so I'll suffer a bit til the end.

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