Saturday, December 8, 2018

Crouch, Blake (Dark Matter)

Bah humbug. I have no patience with a book that gives away the entire plot (or at least most of it) in the first 20 pages. The very second our main character is accosted on the streets of Chicago, I knew what the entire book was about, what its plot would be and what plot twists were likely to occur. Look, I'll give it to you without actual spoilers - it's a book about particle physics and the uncertainty principle, right? It's about potential regrets in not pursuing certain paths, right? Put physics and time together and I think you can figure out the gist of the entire novel.

Granted, the tale did have a few extra plot twists I hadn't seen coming, but frankly, those were opportunities to rethink the above concept. Those twists did nothing to change the final outcome. Because there can only be one outcome! Certainly, by the time the important reveal has been made, there's only one way to end this type of novel.

And, if that weren't enough, at the core of the plot is a love story. It's what drives everything (boringly). But you almost never hear the woman's side of the story (boringly), so you're stuck reading the reason he wants to get back to her (boringly). And it's ever only the physicality of her that is described (not boring! idiotic!). As if that's all that's lovable about her. Argh! I thought we'd moved past these kinds of plots in this century.

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