Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Corey, James S.A. (Tiamat's Wrath)

As some other reviewers have already noted, I downright hated the first sentence of this book. The Coreys are up to no good, once again.

Other reviewers are saying that this book in the series is as good if not better than "Nemesis Games". It does push the agenda along and make things all ready for that last book, on that I do agree. Maybe I don't agree with reviewers' hyperbolic critiques because I read it when I was sick (I thought it was a good idea! Read a series you cherish while you have so much time on your hands! Hmm.). However, I found the middle bits of the novel to be a whole lot of noodling around for page count purposes when it was always possible to cut to the chase more efficiently.

Not that I don't love reading The Coreys' writing - I always do! But I wondered if incorporating the viewpoints of a few more characters might be worthwhile (the number of perspectives offered outside the preface and the epilogue seemed surprisingly minimal), and that would have obviated the need for all the back-n-forth or just plain nothing that happened in many chapters.

Or maybe I'm just grumpy because, once again, they've killed off a number of fabulous characters. Who are they going to kill off in the last book? I think it's worth being extremely worried about their intentions.

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