Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lipman, Eleanor (Good Riddance)

As with all Eleanor Lipman novels, this one takes a particular path. It's a romance, but not a rubbish-y kind of romance, which is usually characterized by poor writing. It has twists and turns that are ridiculous but fun, and with no intention other than to be fun. It usually has likeable characters, although they may often have personality traits that aren't endearing (creating the possibility for growth, of course).

This novel, though, had what felt like an abrupt shift towards the end, in terms of one of the relationships, that didn't gel as well for me as previous novels' relationships. I think that's due to the fact that I was specifically not enamored with the personality traits of one of the people in the relationship. That character seemed strangely greedy or obtuse or a combination of both, and it left me cold. It's not often that Lipman crafts her characters without a safety net of likeable traits, so take that into account when heading into this book.

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