Monday, April 29, 2013

Whaley, John Corey (Where Things Come Back)

Oh what I like about this book is the believable main character and his kooky brother and the weird interludes with people that seem like we shouldn't care about them and then how it all comes together and leaves us sorta hanging but not quite and also there's this bird?

Heh. I had to first write this as I might have when I was a teenager. But it's not far off from how I'd write it now. For those of us now adults, it includes elements that make you think about your life as a teenager, including little "a-ha" moments. Remember how much you'd fantasize your anger or your angst or your desires or your problems into something not quite real? That is definitely my favorite part of the book - and the book titles created by our main character that sum up a chapter perfectly.

The interludes truly are bizarre since you can't for the life of you figure out how they connect with the little town of Lily, Arkansas and its inhabitants. If he does anything wrong, it's creating a specific character out of these interludes and then not giving him enough depth towards the end. If I say more, I will give things away - but I think you'll be a little disappointed not to understand him a little better in the end.

Pick this one up, though. It won the Printz award for a reason.

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