Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flynn, Gillian (Gone Girl)

How I felt about this book went in stages. First, the skepticism of the first third, then the astonishment of the second third, then the disgust of the third third (all planned by the author, I believe). But literally the last few lines and then the acknowledgements put me over the edge. In the end, I find this book simply creepy.

I don't know how to discuss that without giving some of the book away, but you know within seconds after picking it up that it's about the complex relationship of a man and a woman. In the acknowledgements, Flynn thanks her husband using language that is extremely similar to the language of the man and the woman in the book. I fully understand writing from real-life experiences, that these make the best of novels. However! If I were Flynn's husband, I'd want a nice heart-to-heart after I'd read her first draft and talk about trust and a whole raft of other things. Holy mackerel.

I also understand that Flynn had a host of themes in her mind when she wrote this. From the obvious theme of how men and women communicate to how the media works (or doesn't work) to society's perception filters and onwards. That's all valid and thought-provoking. I just don't like how she packaged it up.

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