Saturday, December 7, 2013

Perryman, Neil (Adventures with the Wife in Space: Living with Doctor Who)

Looking back at what I've been blogging about, I seem to have been on a Doctor Who kick these last few months. Not surprising seeing as the 50th anniversary materials are finally making their way to this side of the pond. And that could be why I finally picked up this book.

Originally a set of blog posts, this is the result of an experiment in watching all the old classic Doctor Who episodes together - a couple of English folk who also happen to be married. Apparently, it isn't the blog simply printed out and bound together, but contains additional bits of information about the couple, Neil's and Sue's past, etc.

While not great literature, it was engaging for someone who's made their way through the classic series to the Sixth Doctor. Meaning, I'm not just anyone off the street. Many of the descriptions and comments in this book definitely made more sense to me simply because I've sat through a large majority of the classic Who episodes already. (Yes, I had to go count for the purposes of this post: I've seen 428 classic episodes to date. Zowie.) Meaning, only someone who's watched a lot of the classic series knows how amusing it is to see the BBC indicating a horrible space disease using green spray-painted bubble wrap.

If for no other reason, I recommend the book because of Sue's excellent names for each of the doctors. While they're fantastic for the classic doctors, I actually like her names for the new series doctors even better. Eccleston is "The Hard One," Tennant is "My Third Husband," and - the best of them all - Smith is "The Pipsqueak." Spot on, my good woman.

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