Monday, March 6, 2017

Atkinson, Kate (One Good Turn)

Well, she's still a delight to read, if you can get over the constant spiraling into other aspects of the story. Often you can't determine if she's telling you valuable information, but nearly always she is. As usual with Atkinson, you need to bear with it because it does bear fruit.

I will admit I was more impatient with her writing style this time around than the first time. But the story was more fun in this installment. It's as if she decided that she would throw caution to the wind and instead create something truly bizarro. I think that along with it, she threw some police procedures to the wind as well, which makes it a little more unbelievable than usual. It also didn't have the creep factor that the first one did (the first one's spookiness did a lot to keep me going through all the interrupting prose).

I like Atkinson's writing enough that I'll bear with the next one, but if it is even more crazy, I may move to the TV series instead.

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