Friday, March 17, 2017

Sanderson, Brandon (The Bands of Mourning)

Actually, this was a far better post-original-Mistborn novel than the previous two. Probably because Sanderson is finally getting to the point. Frankly? It's taking way too long.

I mean, I spent all of the last book thinking: "Nope, we can't have Wax and Marasi together, that would upset the balance of things." and "Because Wax and Steris, yup, they really have to starting getting together, and what's the goldang holdup??" and "Wayne is so freakin' annoying and never really funny enough when he needs to be." and "Is there a bloody point to all this hearkening back to yesteryear and where Wax has hailed from??"

So, thankfully, Sanderson manages to answer some of this in this 3rd novel of the post-original-Mistborn novels. Enough so that you're satisfied by the answers, and still looking forward to the next one because it's finally going to finish this off and answer all the questions. It sure as heck better.

More annoyingly, because this novel was better, I really wanted to read post-original-Mistborn novel 3.5 because it apparently answers even more than all the questions - and I can't! It's not a digital download any longer! It's been sucked into a compendium of others of the same ilk and is only available as a print volume! What!

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